L’Image Creating a Beneficial Influence on the Lives of Others

2017-01-19 22:21:54 Published In January 2017

L’Image is working on the 2017 fundraiser calendar with the objective of creating a beneficial influence on the lives of others. The passion in what L’Image does will shine through in what it gives! Wonderful things happen when people with a common goal and strong initiative get together! Looking back at the last month truly illustrates this.

The L’Image Team has a big heart and it shined bright during Christmas with two fundraisers in collaboration with local children’s hospitals.

For Montreal Children’s Hospital, each L’Image employee purchased gifts for the children in the hospital. Team building and fun were injected into a secret Santa event as the gifts were bought imagining the co-worker they were buying the gift for was a child.

For St. Justine’s Hospital, L’Image participated in the Tree of Lights Fundraiser and raised $700 dollars, adding 140 lights to the St. Justine tree and contributing to the hospital’s Social Service Department whose mission is to reach out to families in difficult financial situations.